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马上又到了德国大学冬季学期的开学季,拿到了Zu(Zulassung: 德国高校录取通知书)之后的童鞋们下一步要忙的事情肯定就是找房搬家啦!对于小编来说,此乃在德国学习生活中最麻烦的事情之一,因为如果找到的房子是”冷租“(Kaltmiete)的话,在千辛万苦寻得一房之后还有很多繁琐的手续要办理。。。所谓的”冷租“,就是房租不包水电费,网络费和燃气费的房子,有的甚至还不包家具。虽然小编一直住的是房租包了所有费用,也叫“暖租”(Warmmiete)的学生宿舍,但是身边还是有很多童鞋们选择了宿舍以外的私房,其中不少是”冷租“。那么在德国,如果租到了一个”冷租“的房子,从签房屋合同到搬家入住,之间都有哪些手续或者事情要弄呢?下面就让我们一起来看一下这篇文章吧! Went to the German university season, winter semester at got Zu (Zulassung: Germany university admission notice) after the favorite of the next step must be to busy to find room to move! For small make up, this is one of the most difficult thing in learning life in Germany, because if a house is cold "rent" (Kaltmiete), after having found a room have a lot of red tape to deal with... The so-called "cold", is the rent does not include utilities, network fee and gas fee of the house, some furniture did not even pack. Lived though small make up the rent package all fees, also called "warm rent" (Warmmiete) of students' dormitory, but around there are still a lot of favorite chose private outside the dormitory, many of which are "rent" cold. So in Germany, if rent to a "rent" cold house, from sign a housing contract to move into, what are the formalities or between things to get? Let's take a look at this article together! 对于很多学生来说,大学第一个学期的开始意味着独立生活。那么在搬家入住前的不同时间点,有哪些事项分别要被注意和办理呢? For many students, the university's first semester start means to live independently. So before the move at different time points, what matters to be noticed and respectively to deal with? Drei Monate vor dem Auszug Drei Monate vor is dem Auszug 入住前三个月 In the first three months 此时必须要签订好房屋合同。科隆租客协会的Jürgen Becher建议,入住前三个月要办理好所有房屋合同相关的手续。”因为对于入学新生来说,开学前三个月在大城市已经很难找到房子了。所以找房一定要趁早。“(小编想说:这条是真理!小编曾经在开学前三个月体验过找房,那酸爽。。。哭) This must be signed housing contracts. Cologne tenants association of Jurgen Becher Suggestions, in the first three months of all housing contracts related formalities. "Because for freshmen, three months before the opening in a big city is hard to find the house. So be sure to find room early." , want to say: this is the truth! Small make up had experienced three months before the classes start looking for a room, the acid bright... cry) Noch zwei Monate Noch zwei Monate 入住前两个月 Two months before 来自于北莱茵——威斯特法伦州消费者协会的Mechthild Winkelmann建议,此时就该签订好用电合同。”因为如果没有事先和供电公司签订合同的话,当你在新房使用掉第一个千瓦时的电量时,你的供电合同会自动变成由公共服务机构提供的,带有一般价格的基本供应合同。(小编碎碎:如果签订了Grundversorgung类型的基本供应合同,那么供电方就是德国的公共服务机构,而不是自己可以自由选择的能源公司,同时它的价格也是最贵的。)”公共服务机构提供的电虽然可以使用,但是电费价格要贵一些。为了找到合适的供电公司,网上有着不同种电费的核算方法。Winkelmann说,”除了价格人们还应该在网上仔细阅读合同里的条约。“ 她建议合同最好时长为一年,可以立即生效,并且解约通知期限为一个月。 From the north Rhine - westfalen consumer association Mechthild Winkelmann advice, at this time you should use electricity contracts. "Because if you don't have and power supply company to sign the contract in advance, when you use in bridal chamber out the first kilowatt-hours of electricity, your power supply contract will automatically become provided by public services, basic supply contract with a general price. (small make up twitter: if supply contract signed Grundversorgung types of basic, so the power supply party is Germany's public service agencies, rather than their energy companies are free to choose, at the same time it is also the most expensive.)" public service agencies to provide electricity, although can use, but electricity prices are expensive. In order to find a suitable power supply company, online accounting methods have different kinds of electricity. Winkelmann said. "in addition to price people should carefully read the treaty in the contract on the Internet." She suggested that the contract is the best time for one year, can take effect immediately, and termination notice period for a month. 除了电费合同,还有一个同时要注意的事项就是供气合同。如果房子里的供暖设备是分层式,或者公寓里可以通煤气的话,根据德国房屋土地业主协会的说法,大多数租户可以自由选择供气商。反之,如果租住的房子在地下室安装了中央供暖设备的话,那么房东则应该负责更换它们。 In addition to electricity contract, is another at the same time pay attention to matters of gas supply contract. If the central heating in the house is a hierarchical, or apartment can pass gas, according to the German association of housing land owners, most of the tenants can choose gas supply business. On the other hand, if rented house installed central heating equipment in the basement, so the landlord should be responsible for replacing them.